“Where you don’t just get a piece of art, but also a small part of the Artist”


Sterling Silver Exclusive

“Out of the way but worth finding in Belem is the small Margarida Pimentel, which sells this Portuguese jewelry designer’s silver and gold pieces. The work is fresh and distinctive and the craftsmanship is extraordinary”

Traveler-CONDÉ NAST, Lisbon Lights Up, January 2006

Gold 19.2Kt Exclusive

“…During our stay, we enjoyed time in your gallery at the new cultural center… Can you tell me something about each piece and how we could acquire one or more…Your work is stunningly beautiful. So much that …

Reynold Levy, President of LINCOLN CENTER

Sterling Silver Limited

“…This week, an in-house jury selected the participants. We are pleased to inform you that you impressed us with your high quality products. You were selected by the jury and now have the opportunity to occupy a sponsored fair stand in the Next Area, in the design-orientated Carat exhibition…”

Beate Losert, MESSE FRANKFURT Exhibition GmbH – 2009

Gold20k Plated Limited

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